What to bring to your 1st lesson:

Since you won't have all your riding gear yet, feel free to just wear long pants and closed toed shoes, preferably with a little bit of a heel on them (think hiking boots or cowboy boots). We will provide a helmet for you to wear for your first few lessons!

Attached below are our release forms which we ask for you to bring with you to your first lesson! 

Paddock Boots.jpg

Required Apparel:

Helmets: A helmet is the first step toward your riding outfit, and needs to be purchased early on for sanitation purposes. All helmets must be ASTM certified to ensure that they meet the proper safety standards, and we prefer the “crank style” backs as they provide the closest fit. Bike helmets ARE NOT acceptable as they do not cover the head in the same way that a riding helmet does.


Boots: Proper boots ensure that your rider has good grip in their stirrups, and that their foot can easily enter and exit the stirrup. Jodphur style boots with the zip up ankle in either brown or black are preferred. These come in a variety of brands that all fit differently, so there is something for each rider!


Jods: While jeans, leggings, or sweat pants work great for starting out, proper riding pants will give the rider a free range of motion and better grip in the saddle. Since we teach Saddleseat Style riding, the proper pants are full length with a bootcut style at the ankle. These come in many different styles, although we suggest the very comfortable, stretchy versions like Kerrits or Alympic jods. They come in many different colors and patterns!


Gloves: While not essential for every lesson, we do ask that students have their own pair of riding gloves for when it starts turning colder. Mittens or winter gloves do not provide the proper grip on the reins and can be a safety hazard for riding.

Upcoming Events:
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