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At River Gait Farm we host many different horse riding camps throughout the year for both the general public and our personal students! Each camp is a great way for new students to be introduced into our riding lesson program and kickstart their horse knowledge! We encourage our students to participate in some of our multi-day camps to enhance their horsemanship and bond as a barn family!

2023 Summer Camp Dates

July 7th and 22nd - One Day Experience Camp


July 11th - 15th - Hands On Horsemanship Camp

     $700 includes field trips and a horse show!

July 27th - 28th Girl Power Camp


All Camps are open to ages 5 & UP

Deposits required

One Day Experience Camps - These camps are a great way for new riders to get introduced to the barn and the world of horses, or a way for more experienced riders to work on specific skills for a day! Each camp will focus on something a bit different, but will be filled with lots of horsey fun!

Hands On Horsemanship Camp - Open to both experienced riders or new riders wanting to jump right in to the world of horses! This camp covers everything! From daily care, to show prep, to everything in between - students will be getting an in depth knowledge of the horse that they are preparing to show that weekend at one of our RGF Summer Fun Shows! We will be taking field trips throughout the week and speaking to other professionals in the field to further expand our knowledge and truly dig deep into our horse skills! This camp is a barn favorite every year!

Girl Power Camp - We believe in building and supporting strong women from the ground up, and this camp is going to do just that! Each day, campers will learn skills that us "Farm Girls" tackle each and every day! From basic woodworking to mechanics to other everyday essential life skills, we will empower these young girls with the strength they need to grow up into strong women and have fun doing it too!

Summer camps are a great way for new riders to gain new skills and learn what we are all about at River Gait Farm! Days are packed with hands-on horsemanship, games, crafts, and lots of riding! 


Unicorn Experience

Bring your little ones out for a magical mini-camp! 1.5 hours filled with fun! Have a tea party with a pony, decorate a real life unicorn, learn to ride a horse, and so much more!!

Requires Pre-Registration

Contact us TODAY to Book!

(336) 971-6021

Next Date:

April 29th

10am - 11:30am


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